Efraim Halevy
Efraim HalevyYaakov Naumi/Flash90.

Efraim Halevy, former Mossad and NSC head, spoke to Ynet about the confirmed hostages deal and said that it was "the best deal that could be achieved at this point."

According to Halevy, "There will be great pressure in the international sphere, including from the US. I am now in the US and talking to people about the situation. The Americans also see this deal as a move that will strengthen the intention to end the war."

Halevi also added that "this deal - the first stage, the first move, that if this process of exchange is pushed through to the end, it will be much more difficult to renew the fighting, even though Prime Minister Netanyahu says that they will renew the military campaign until the collapse of Hamas. I think there will be immense pressure from the US to bring about a slowdown, and perhaps even an end to the fighting, without Hamas actually collapsing completely."

The government approved the hostage deal, brought forward by the War Cabinet, by a large majority of 35 in favor and 3 against. The Religious Zionist ministers voted in favor. Only Otzma Yehudit ministers led by Itamar Ben Gvir voted against the agreement.

US President Joe Biden welcomed the deal to release the hostages from Hamas, which was approved by the government Tuesday night, and promised to make sure that it "will be carried out in full."

"I welcome the deal to release the hostages kidnapped by the terrorist organization in its brutal attack against Israel on October 7," he said.