Tzur Goldin
Tzur GoldinKobi Richter / TPS

Tzur Goldin, brother of Capt. Hadar Goldin, whose body has been illegally held by Hamas in Gaza for nine years, sent a message on his Twitter account to the IDF this evening (Tuesday) regarding the negotiations for a deal to return some of the hostages from Gaza.

"The army expects its commanders and junior soldiers to sacrifice their lives day and night. I call on all IDF soldiers to wake up and demand from their commanders: I expect IDF commanders from the level of lieutenant colonel and above to make sure by all means, at the cost of the clear risk of their entire careers, to go out and fight for their soldiers and make sure this operation doesn't end until the last soldier returns," Goldin wrote.

The Goldin family has been fighting since 2014 to recover the body of their beloved Hadar, an IDF officer from the Givati Brigade who was murdered during Operation Protective Edge when Hamas terrorists violated a humanitarian ceasefire and whose body was abducted by Hamas.

The current deal does not include reference to the bodies of Goldin and Oron Shaul, another soldier whose body was stolen in 2014 after he was killed, as well as the civilians who have been in the hands of Hamas for several years.

According to the current outline of the deal, Hamas is expected to release 50 hostages in the first phase - children, mothers, and elderly women - in exchange for four days of respite.

If Hamas locates and releases more hostages, it will be able to receive additional days of respite. It was also stated in the summary that Israel is expected to refrain from aerial activity in the Gaza Strip for six hours each day during the first days of the ceasefire when Hamas will try to locate the rest of the hostages.

The estimate in Israel is that 80 children, mothers and elderly women are in the hands of Hamas. If all are released, a total of 240 prisoners will be released in return and eight days of respite will be given. It is not clear if young women, kidnapped in Gaza, will be included in the deal.