MK Almog Cohen
MK Almog CohenINN.

MK Almog Cohen (Otzma Yehudit) commented Tuesday on the after-effects of his taking part in the battle for Ofakim on October 7th.

Speaking with Army Radio, he said, "I thought I was a great hero, but it turns out no one is a hero. I was not injured, but suffer psychological damage from that Shabbat."

"That battle stays with me in my dreams, I see faces of people who are no longer with us, and hear the cries for help."

During the interview, he commented on the recent committee meeting with the families of the hostages: "My request to some of these families is to speak politely if they want to be listened to. We cannot put aside the grief of the fallen. Is their pain not important?"

On Monday, Cohen was hospitalized after feeling unwell during an interview with Channel 12 News. Cohen had come to their studio to discuss a recent emotionally-charged meeting of the National Security Council of the Knesset in which he said to the families of the hostages: "You have no monopoly on grief, I had to bury my friends."

"We owe our viewers an explanation. MK Cohen, who was here in the studio for an emotionally-charged interview after an equally charged committee meeting, has been feeling unwell and left the studio," anchor Yaron Avraham commented. "Everything is all right, he is in good condition and being cared for. We hope he recovers quickly."

Cohen's office commented: "MK Cohen felt unwell during the interview and elected to leave for a medical examination in order to continue his public work for the security of the citizens of Israel."