Gaza City
Gaza CityIDF.

New details have been published showing how Israeli troops are securing the civilian evacuation route from Gaza City.

According to a report in Israel Hayom, IDF forces have left clear the Salah ad-Din street, which runs north to south through Gaza, for use as a humanitarian corridor for civilians to leave Gaza City.

Civilians have been instructed to carry white flags, identification, and to make their way to UN shelters in the southern region of Gaza.

IDF troops have cleared a buffer zone between themselves and the road, which serves as a secure area for inspection of suspects. The Israeli forces will call out in Arabic to suspected terrorists, ordering them to leave the road and approach the IDF line for investigation. These measures are intended to prevent Hamas terrorists from blending in with the evacuating population.

Other announcements are being made in Hebrew, in the hopes of locating any hostages who are being smuggled into the southern half of Gaza. One such announcement declared: "If there are any children here who speak Hebrew, run to us, don't be afraid."

Approximately 33,000 Gazans have moved south along this route since it was first opened for civilian traffic. Another route has been established along the coast of Gaza. The fighting continues even within the immediate area of the evacuation route. There have been reports of Hamas terrorists firing on civilians attempting to leave Gaza City, and the IDF has been forced to protect the evacuating population.