Sergeant Yuval of the IDF Golani brigade, who was wounded during the Hamas invasion of Israel, spoke with Arutz Sheva - Israel National News about his ordeal.

"We got an alert and rushed to the border in an armored vehicle. There were about a hundred terrorists waiting for us. They fired 10 RPGs at us within a few minutes, and our armored vehicle was knocked out of commission."

"Terrorists were trying to open the doors and drag us out. One went under the vehicle and placed an IED under my seat. The explosion gave me a compound fracture, and I put a tourniquet on my leg while continuing to return fire. Something punched a hole through the door that was the exact size of our gun barrels, so I put my rifle out through the hole and started firing, hoping maybe to kill some of them, maybe to scare them away."

"We waited hours for evacuation. We didn't stress out - we had trained for this, and everyone knew what to do. We just waited for the moment when we would have to leave the armored vehicle and fight for our lives.Then a tank came and we were evacuated."

Yuval says that since his arrival at Ichilov Hospital, he has felt the embrace of the nation. "Since October 7th, it feels like there have been thousands of people here, bringing food, chocolates, everything. It really feels like the entire nation is surrounding me, like we are all united."

Yuval's unit has carried on fighting, and is currently in Gaza. "I wish I could be with them. This is everything we trained for, and the attack of October 7th has really given us a boost. We feel like the entire nation is behind us, and that it is our responsibility to bring peace and quiet back to the Israeli people."