Eliezer Marom
Eliezer MaromNoam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

The former commander of Israel’s navy, General Eliezer Marom, told Radio 103FM that he supports the death penalty for terrorists involved in the Oct. 7 massacre.

“I support the death penalty for anyone who took part in the October 7th massacre. I have no hesitation or doubts, and do not want to discuss other possibilities. These people deserve death. I want to see them hung one by one,” he declared.

Regarding delivery of fuel to the Gaza Strip, he said, “We already have a ground presence, over the tunnels, nearly everywhere, and we will eventually reach every circuit breaker and generator they have and simply disconnect their electricity. They can have fuel, they may as well drink it for all I care. The second thing is that we have now put approximately one million people in a tent city."

“Think only about their needs - how can we not have to deal with their needs? How will they have water and food? How will they get medical supplies? Someone needs to deal with all of this. Now, this fuel, at the end of the day, will not go to them. I don't care if Hamas steals some of it. The fuel is to legitimize the continued war Israel is waging, of which the first goal is rescuing the hostages. I know that the families of the hostages are saying ‘One humanitarian act in exchange for another”. I have nothing to say to them. We are not negotiating with Hamas, we are fueling the tank called ‘legitimacy’."

"This is a demand from the entire world, mostly from the United States of America. The Americans are watching us closely in this matter, and when they say ‘stop’, we will need to stop and we will have lost the war. We will not have returned our hostages or destroyed Hamas, or even removed them from ruling Gaza. This would be terrible and for that reason I am in favor. If what it takes is sending fuel, we can send some fuel. If what we need is to send a few other humanitarian items, we can send those as well.”

Regarding the Houthi faction that has been attacking from Israel's south, he commented: “The Houthi rebels are a serious military force. We fought them extensively in the Red Sea. They smuggled many things from one side of the Sea to the other through Sudan, which eventually reached Gaza. We have been fighting this for many years. We know the Houthis well and are taking them quite seriously. Now that they are well equipped, they have been fighting for years and have conquered large sections of Yemen, including the area of the capital, and we must continue to take them seriously. They are already on ships and have sunken ships in the past. Because they are far away, we sometimes ignore them.”

When asked if Israel should react to the Houthi attacks in the near future, he commented: “Israel is a small country. We have only ten million residents, we cannot behave like gorillas. We must act slowly and with intelligence. We will reach everyone we need to. We keep score, and we will eventually take care of the Houthis like no one ever has. I'm sure of that. Israel will do this, but it needs to do it intelligently and gradually. Let's destroy Hamas first, bring the hostages home, deal with the separate and difficult issue of everyone left there. Let's destroy Hezbollah. After that, we can deal with the Houthis.”