Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud AbbasFlash 90

The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) “foreign ministry” has deleted its statement denying that Hamas was responsible for the massacre in a rave near Re'im on October 7, Haaretz reported on Sunday night.

Palestinian Arab sources said that the publication of the statement was not approved by PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

The now-deleted statement had claimed that fire from "Israeli helicopters" caused the death of all 364 partygoers.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier on Sunday blasted the PA’s claims as “utterly preposterous”.

" Mahmoud Abbas, who in the past has denied the existence of the Holocaust, today is denying the existence of the Hamas massacre, and that's unacceptable," he added.

"My goal is that the day after we destroy Hamas, any future civil administration in Gaza does not deny the massacre, does not educate its children to become terrorists, does not pay for terrorists, and does not tell its children that their ultimate goal in life is to see the destruction and dissolution of the State of Israel. That's not acceptable, and that is not the way to achieve peace,” he concluded.