Rabbi Shmuel Haber
Rabbi Shmuel HaberShlomi Tzur

Rabbi Shmuel Haber, headmaster of the Karnei Shomron Yeshiva, commented on the importance of continued Torah study during wartime as part of a lecture to the entire student body. He emphasized that those not physically fighting must study diligently for the merit of those who are.

“When defending Israel from an enemy, all of Israel, even Torah scholars, are obligated to go out to help their kin who are besieged. In Hesder Yeshivas, even when we are not at war, we prepare for it. Otherwise, those unfit to fight could never do anything. This way, they prepare for war and are ready when it comes.”

“The haredi population has thousands who want to help, but there is no way for them to do so because they are not ready for war. That is why we prepare ourselves for war - aside from the fact that I believe we are always at war, constantly surrounded by enemies attempting to destroy us. None of this takes away from the importance of Torah study. It could be that Torah is more important, but if we do not go out to rescue our fellow Jews, we there will be no people of Israel left. This is like eating - we do not say that someone shouldn't eat because Torah study is more important.”

Rabbi Haber commented on the importance of Torah study during wartime. “Those not drafted during the war must be aware and internalized that part of the war effort that they wish to join is Torah study. Anyone who is unfit to fight physically must know that part of Israel's victory in war is dependent on our Torah study, and the very fact that we are sitting and learning, according to our Sages, is one of the differences between our wars and that of other nations. In our wars, the war is also for spiritual survival, and so spiritual affairs are a part of it.”

“Our victory is also dependent on our Torah study. I always feel that this is backwards, and people are looking for ways to volunteer physically, which is good, but the best thing that can be done to help right now besides actually fighting is to sit and learn. The feeling that we want to give and take part in the war effort is correct, but it needs to be known that the best way to help is to sit and study with redoubled intensity.”