Moshe Arbel
Moshe ArbelFlash 90

Interior Minister Moshe Arbel commented this morning that he supports the death penalty for terrorists from Hamas' elite Nukhba force who participated in the October 7th attack.

"The existing laws permit this. I think the time has come, in the name of justice and morality, to carry out what the law presently permits," he told Radio 103FM

"This is unlike any other case. We absolutely need to carry out the law as it relates to the Nazis from the Nukhba force."

Arbel also commented on the decision to allow fuel to be brought into Gaza. "I have insisted that these decisions must be investigated and deliberated, not with tweets or press releases. One of the real reasons why cabinet meetings on these matters are classified is because of this need."

"I believe that the Finance Minister be included with the other members of the government, and there are many ways to bring them into the conversation. I also understand that a conversation was held about this on Saturday night. I think that it would be very good to discuss this during those meetings, especially during war. I know how to argue, however nice I seem, but I also know to keep it private."