In December 2021, Israel’s military promised that an expensive, state-of-the-art upgrade to the barrier between Gaza and southern Israel would protect Israelis living near the border from the threat of violence from Hamas terrorists.

The upgrade, which cost $1 billion, took three years to complete.

In an investigation, the Washington Post aimed to answer questions of how, despite the cutting-edge technology used in the border fence, Hamas terrorists succeeded in infiltrating Israel and carrying out the most horrific massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

The Washington Post investigation reveals how Hamas exploited vulnerabilities created by Israel’s reliance on technology at the border to carry out its deadly attack. In the video, the Post details how Hamas terrorists neutralized long-range cameras, sophisticated sensors and remote-control weapons — a tactic known inside the group as the "blinding plan" — to breach the high-tech fence.

The Post also reconstructed the attack by analyzing hundreds of videos and photos posted online, including visuals filmed on Oct. 7 and during preparations by Hamas terrorists. The Post investigation also included videos and audio recorded on body cameras worn by terrorists, footage from Israeli security cameras, and the testimonies of witnesses, as well as maps and planning documents recovered from eliminated terrorists.

In concluding its investigation, the Post said, "We found that Hamas had also been expanding its training camps for several years, activity that is visible in widely available online maps."