This week, our focus turned to the verses at the start of the parsha (weekly Torah portion), where Rivka (Rebecca) finds herself pregnant and perplexed by the energetic movements of her twin sons within her womb, described as, "running around," or, "vayitrotztzu."

Disturbed by this phenomenon, she questions, "Why is this happening to me?" and turns to seek guidance from Hashem (G-d). The Divine response reveals the presence of twins in her womb. However, when Rivka eventually gives birth, the Torah uses the term והנה (behold) - a term often associated with surprise.

Two intriguing questions arise: Why does Rivka, a righteous figure and one of our matriarchs, question herself due to this pregnancy? Furthermore, if she was informed about having twins, why does the narrative convey a sense of surprise when she gives birth??

Join us as we unravel the layers of meaning behind these questions and delve into the complexities of Rivka's experience.