IDF operations in Gaza
IDF operations in GazaIDF spokesperson

Gaza media has reported that Ahmad Bahar, a senior Hamas terrorist and a member of Hamas' politicla bureau, was eliminated in an IDF airstrike.

According to the report, Bahar suffered critical injuries in the strike, and later died of his wounds.

In the past, he served as the head of Hamas' Shura Council and served as deputy chairman of the terror group's parliament in Gaza.

On Thursday night, IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said, "Hamas’ leadership is under pressure because they know what they are concealing. In the past few days, there have been media reports regarding a significant number of IDF and ISA attacks. At this stage we can say that there have been two significant attacks on two different underground sites."

"A number of senior Hamas commanders were hiding in one of them, including Ahmed Randor, the head of Hamas’ northern Gaza brigade and Hyman Sian, the head of the Hamas rocket brigade. In another underground site that was attacked were senior members of Hamas’ political wing, including Raukhi Mushta, who is a very close associate of Yahya Sinwar, Asam Dalyis, head of the Hamas government in Gaza who is close to Ismael Haniyah, and Samech El Sarg, who is also a close associate to Sinwar and other senior Hamas figures in Gaza.

"Hamas is trying to hide the aftermath of the attack. At this hour I cannot elaborate further, but we can definitely say that the underground areas that they were in during the attacks were significantly damaged."