IDF troops continued operating Thursday night in Gaza, and IAF fighter jets struck numerous terror targets in the Hamas-controlled enclave.

Based on IDF intelligence, IDF troops took control of a stronghold of the commander of the Islamic Jihad's northern command area. The stronghold contains offices of senior terrorists belonging to the terror organization, as well as a strategic manufacturing site for weapons.

During the raid, the troops located heavy-weight rockets, UAVs, and additional weapons. The troops struck the post.

In addition IDF troops conducted activity inside a school in which Hamas terrorists were hiding. During the activities, the troops killed the terrorists and located a large number of weapons inside the school.

IDF troops conducted targeted raids in several areas in the Gaza Strip, during which they located technological equipment, weapons caches, and additional weapons, including Kalashnikov rifles, explosive devices, grenade launchers, vests, RPGs, and anti-tank missile launchers.

Some of the weapons confiscated by the IDF
Some of the weapons confiscated by the IDFIDF spokesperson