ZAKA on the scene
ZAKA on the sceneYossi Aloni / Flash 90

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As Israel continues to grapple with the aftermath of the October 7 attacks, ZAKA, the Israeli organization dedicated to rescue and recovery, faces unprecedented challenges.

ZAKA's volunteers, who represent the diverse fabric of Israeli society, including Arab-Israeli Muslims, are deeply traumatized by the atrocities they've witnessed​​​​. Their work, characterized by respect for the dead, irrespective of their identity, is a testament to the organization's ethos of dignity and compassion​​.

Their immense task is made more daunting by ZAKA's current resource crisis. Despite their experience and commitment, the organization is overwhelmed, facing a significant lack of medical supplies and safety equipment​​. As the conflict potentially extends for weeks, if not months, the need for support has never been more critical​​.

In light of these challenges, ZAKA is reaching out for support. The organization urgently requires safety equipment, medical supplies, first aid kits, and more to continue their essential work​​.

As ZAKA remains on the frontline, ready to serve wherever and whenever needed, they rely on the generosity and solidarity of people like you. Support ZAKA's Mission Here