Ruins of one of the homes
Ruins of one of the homesShutterstock

When the terrorists broke across the border and overtook the communities in the south, they faced resistance, but not enough. Many of these communities lack important equipment to fight off a terrorist infiltration, even though they are in such close proximity to their Arab neighbors.

What’s now clear to the residents of the communities is that if they don’t amp up their security, October 7 th can happen all over again.

Amidst the enormous costs of rebuilding their lives, many communities lack the funds to purchase the necessary equipment. Shomrei Yisroel is a grassroots movement that is raising funds to enable yishuvim across the country to arm themselves.

The funds are going towards various pieces of equipment, including personal firearms, at $1240 each, to defend themselves against attack and prevent attacks before they happen. Communities need satellite -based internet & telephone at $702 each to be able to communicate with the outside world when power is down, and they need ceramic bulletproof vests at $350 each to protect themselves from barrages of bullets.

This equipment could spell the difference between life and death for the yishuvim and for the rest of Israel. Please help protect Israel at its most vulnerable point by donating here.