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An incredible true story spread like wildfire among the Jewish People last week after one very brave soldier opened up after nearly dying.

The soldier, a secular and tattooed young traditional Jew fighting in Gaza, was hanging between life and death. For a short time, he was clinically dead. Then, he miraculously gained consciousness. And when he came back, he had a message.

While he was dead, the soldier says he saw the "Beit Din Shel Maalah." He says that the malachim were trying to bring him up to the next world but that he was tied to this one by a long string of Torah learning scholars, pulling him down toward his life.

When he awoke, it was clear to him: It was the mitzvah of Torah learning that saved his life. It is a story that has sent chills down the spines of all who have heard it, especially those who know the previous painful history of division between sects of the Jewish People.

These are the kinds of incredible stories of unity going on now in the Jewish homeland. One project that keeps in mind that this is both a physical and a spiritual war is Loshon Hara Lo Medaber Elai, who are on the scene bringing exhausted soldiers hot food.

While they are nourished and treated to a hot meal, a rarity in their desert base, they are also encouraged not to speak loshon hara. As Jews, we know that shemirat haloshon is a powerful form of protection. The most beautiful part is that the soldiers have connected to the mitzvah and happily taken it on.

They now even have sections of Gaza that are marked off, “No loshon hara in this area.”

It is truly an amazing and momentous kiddush Hashem that our soldiers continue to embrace and welcome the mitzvot in this way. Please donate help to help Loshon Hara Lo Medaber Elai distribute hot food, necessary supplies, and Torah learning materials to soldiers.

Our souls and our lives depend on it!