Prime Minister Netanyahu in Zikim
Prime Minister Netanyahu in ZikimKobi Gideon / GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Wednesday, visited the IDF Home Front Command training base for the Rescue and Instruction Brigade at Zikim, where he was briefed on the heroic battle that occurred in several locations simultaneously on Saturday, October 7th.

The Prime Minister was briefed by brigade commander Col. Elad Edri, training base commander Lt.-Col. Dan Harush and the brigade's fighting men and women on the heroism of the soldiers, including the seven who fell in combat.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was also briefed on the activity of the brigade, both in routine times and during the Swords of Iron War.

"I am here at the Zikim base with the staff instructors and the recruits who fought heroically here against terrorists who came to murder them, and they did fantastic work here. Ron kept her cool even though she took a bullet to the head, but all is well, thank G-d. The commanders who led the battle here, unfortunately, several of their comrades fell, but they did the work and saved many – by mobilizing, reading the battle, and storming the terrorists. A great action took place here," the Prime Minister told soldiers.

"This reflects our spirit, our soldiers – not only in the battle to stop them but also in the ground assault now taking place in Gaza," he continued.

Netanyahu proclaimed: "Do you remember that they told us not to advance into Gaza? We advanced. They told us not to reach the outskirts of Gaza City? We reached them. They told us not to enter Shifa – we entered it. It is in this spirit that we say something simple: There is no place in Gaza that we cannot reach. There are no hideouts. There is no shelter or refuge for the Hamas murderers. We will reach and eliminate Hamas, and we will bring back our hostages. These are two sacred missions.

The Prime Minister concluded: "Yesterday evening, I spoke again with US President Biden. We will not let up. We will eliminate Hamas, achieve total victory, and bring back our hostages with your help and that of G-d."