IDF forces in Gaza
IDF forces in GazaIDF Spokesperson

Qatar is attempting to broker a deal to free 50 of the hostages held by the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza. Reuters reported

A source familiar with the talks to free the 240 hostages held by Hamas said that the Qatari negotiators are seeking an agreement in which about a fifth of the hostages would be freed in exchange for a three-day pause in Israel's military operations in Gaza.

According to the report, the deal, which the US is also involved in, would include the release of women and minors arrested for terrorist activity from Israeli prisons - and an increase in the amount of humanitarian aid that is brought into Gaza.

Such an agreement would leave nearly 200 hostages in captivity in Gaza.

US President Joe Biden stated yesterday (Tuesday) that he believes a deal to free the hostages who have been held by Hamas in Gaza since October 7 is going to happen.

During a press briefing on his administration's climate change policies on Tuesday, Biden was asked if he could comment on a possible deal to free the hostages.

"Yes, I can. I've been talking with the people involved every single day. I believe it's gonna happen, but I don't wanna get into detail," he said.

When asked if he had a message for the families of" hostages, the President replied: "Hang in there. We're coming."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said following Biden's remarks that "our hearts are with all the hostages and their families. Since the beginning of the war we are working ceaselessly for the release of our captives, including the exertion of increasing pressure since the beginning of the ground operation. If and when there will be something concrete to report, we will do so."