A skit by Israeli satirical television show Eretz Nehederet, described by many as the "Israeli Saturday Night Live," has gone viral for a third week in a row. In the skit, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar gives an exclusive interview on BBC. He talks about the ceasefire that Hamas is trying to reach because “all civilians are running out of town, and Hamas is left without protection.” Hamas is tired, they need a break, “especially as a hostage baby is keeping them awake at night.”

The episode ends with a “moment in history,” reminding viewers that “in 1944 heartless Winston Churchill refused a ceasefire and continued the genocidal attack on Nazi Germany …”

This is the third week in a row that the program has featured a skit in English. Two weeks ago, the program mocked the British broadcaster, running a sketch of a newscast in which the anchor and reporter accused Israel of bombing a Gaza hospital, then ultimately expressed disappointment that the hospital was hit by a Hamas rocket and that Hamas admitted it.

Last week, the program took on antisemitism and support for Hamas on college campuses in the US. The sketch, titled “Welcome to Columbia Untisemity”, features two students from Columbia University who praise Hamas and claim that Israel is lying about its citizens being kidnapped in Gaza because the hostages in the photos, taken before they were taken hostage, are smiling.