Danny Danon
Danny DanonIsrael National News-Arutz Sheva

MK Danny Danon harshly criticized UN Secretary-General António Guterres who last night (Tuesday) attacked Israel again and said that he is "troubled by the loss of life in hospitals in Gaza".

"There is pressure from the UN, and actually, it's not only from UN member states. We saw the UN Secretary-General take a very hostile position towards Israel," said Danon.

Danon attacked: "Sometimes I don't know if he is a spokesman for the United Nations or a spokesman for Hamas. Every day he issues messages against Israel, he doesn't mention the hostages at all, he thinks we went on this operation because we wanted to, it's outrageous."

"Though in practice I think that the massive US support, which is the most important, is still maintained, it exists, and even if we have to confront the countries of the world - we have no choice."

"This time we must complete the task, defeat Hamas. We need to remind the public that we are currently operating in a very small part of Gaza."

He also referred to Guterres: "He crossed red lines, and I know him personally. I hosted him at my house for Shabbat meals. He toured the surrounding Gaza areas with me, we were inside the Hamas tunnels, he knows what this is about, and therefore the unilateral step he adopted is very serious. That is why I also called for the people in the US to tell him that either he creates a balance, or he simply needs to be a persona non grata - someone who is not accepted, not in Israel, not in Washington who shouldn’t welcome him, because he is really, unilaterally, acting against Israel today."