Thousands of civilians from northern Gaza evacuate southwards
Thousands of civilians from northern Gaza evacuate southwardsPhoto: IDF

“In 1947, Arab countries rejected a UN plan to partition the British mandate in Palestine into two states. Armed with British weaponry and guided by British officers, Arabs were convinced they could claim the entire territory by military triumph. If not for comrade Stalin, who supplied the Jews with weapons via Czechoslovakia and dispatched hundreds of seasoned Soviet officers and generals of Jewish heritage to Palestine, all of whom played a pivotal role in the formation, organization, and leadership of the Israeli army, including the air force, Israel would not exist.”

This support was short-lived but enough to get Israel through the War for Independence.

Neither the British Foreign Office nor the US State Department expected Israel to be victorious. Britain for its part, prevented Jewish immigration after WWII and did its utmost to confiscate all guns in the possession of the Irgun and other resistance groups and turned over all such weapons and her police stations to the Arabs when she departed. The US did its part by placing an arms embargo on Israel which was instituted before the war and lasted til the ‘67 War. Both expected Israel to lose and saw their interests as aligning with the Arabs and their oil.

In The 100 Year Betrayal of Israel by the West, I listed most of the betrayals, by Britain and the US, of which there were many, but did not go into their motivations.

The primary reason Britain published the Balfour Declaration was to influence American Jews to get the US to enter the war and Soviet Jews to keep Russia in the war.

After the end of WWI, Britain recalibrated her interests and came down decidedly on the side of the Arabs.

Britain created the Mandate system in order to maintain her influence in the Middle East without being considered as a colonizer which was going out of style. In her role as Trustee under the Mandate she violated her duty to the Jews, the beneficiary, in every way possible. It is for this reason that Jewish resistance did its utmost after WWII to end the Mandate.

In The West should make amends to the Jewish people for this historical injustice. I highlighted how Britain put pre-state Israel at a disadvantage by actively preventing Jewish immigration.

This article highlights the fact that after WWII, Britain embraced ethnic homogenization in redrawing Europe's borders and partitioning India as the path to peace. Der Spiegel reported; “The centre-piece of this programme was an attempt to achieve the ethnic homogenization of the state, to ensure as close a match as possible between its ethnic and political borders.”

But Britain did the opposite in Palestine.“But there was no attempt to move Muslims. Just the opposite. The United Nations created UNRWA to preserve the status of the “refugees” as it newly defined them. The rest as they say is history.”

Even the UNGA Res 181, passed in 1947, called the Partition Plan, was in violation of the Mandate which designated all the land for the Jewish homeland.

Though Britain ended the Mandate by leaving, she was hoping to return. Geoffrey Clarfield, explained, in a CIJR webinar, about the British Plan to Conquer the Jewish State in the 1950’s.

“Britain had led and financed the Arab Legion, which was managed by active British officers, in 1948 which allowed Jordan to conquer East Jerusalem and occupy Judea and Samaria. Britain begrudgingly recognized the state of Israel, exchanged ambassadors but was clearly on the side of the Arab League.”

"Thereafter Britain developed a secret military plan JOI 27 under the pretext of acting on its defence pact with Jordan to attack the Israel air force by air, wipe it out and send in ground-troops to consolidate the destruction of the seven year old or eight year old Jewish state."

In The Failed British Double-Cross of Israel, Edward N. Luttwak expanded on this.

“...the British … were determined to remain in Palestine, contrary to their representations to the Jewish leaders and the U.N. In fact, they had worked out an operational plan to do exactly that: would plead for British protection, thereby ensuring the prolongation of British rule.

“Two bundles of heretofore overlooked documents prove that Avraham Stern was right in not trusting British declarations that they would end the Mandate and allow the Jews to establish a state, even within the shrunken borders envisioned by the U.N.

“First, there are the “Operation Cordage” documents, which envisaged a terrorist attack on Israel that would provoke Israeli retaliation against the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Israeli response would allow Britain to activate its commitment to defend the Hashemite Kingdom under the 1946 Treaty of London. This would provide the excuse for the British to launch all-out air attacks by the Royal Air Force from its Cyprus base and by the Fleet Air Arm from carriers, in order to destroy all Israeli air force and army bases, headquarters, and depots. “

"The other set of documents describes the U.S.-U.K. Plan Alpha worked out in 1955 by Francis Russell of the U.S. State Department and the leading Arabist of the British Foreign Office, Evelyn Shuckburgh (who would suffer acute stomach pains whenever forced to concede a very rare audience to Israel’s ambassador). Presented by Prime Minister Anthony Eden in his November 1955 Guildhall speech, Alpha would detach the Negev—yes always the Negev—from Israel to give it to Egypt—which was still then, if not for long, “British Egypt,” complete with army and air force Canal-side bases, garrisoned by 70,000 British troops.

This document is dated Aug 2, 1955. The full documents are available on TABLET.

On July 26, 1955 Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal and that changed everything.

Clarfield writes:

"Britain strengthened its diplomatic and military promises to Jordan, all on the assumption that it would help them in their secret plan to reconquer Israel.

"As one of the reports put it:

"The Committee agreed that …it was important to keep Jordan cooperative at least until the situation in the Middle East subsequent to the Suez canal problem being solved, was clear.

"Simply understood this meant keep the alliance with Jordan strong, promise them the moon, invade Egypt, bring Nasser to his knees and then destroy the Jewish state by waiting for them to respond to the periodic cross border terrorist attacks from Jordanian territory that had been going on and off since 1948."

"Almost at the same time that these plans were being developed the British Cabinet and the British High Command were also cooking up their plan to invade Egypt, destroy Nasser and reassert their power over the Suez Canal as Nasser had nationalized it. This plan never changed its name and was called Operation Musketeer.

"Whether they named it that because they wanted to go in with the French, the plan finally included the Israelis at the request of the French as the Israelis were receiving or about to receive Mystere Jets from France, as the Americans and the British refused to sell Israeli fighter jets.

"Throughout the planning and implementation stages of Musketeer a never changing priority was British bombing of Egyptian airfields in the Suez canal. This was so central to their battle strategy that they believed British and French ground troops would only intervene when the Egyptians totally lost their air power.

"The British very much insisted that the French do not sell Israel jets at this time. Musketeer in the early days never allowed for the remote possibility of Israeli participation but the French soon changed that.

"What the British feared was an Israeli attack on Jordan when France and Britain were to be tied up in Suez. The British high command spun many scenarios about what these Israelis might or might not do and what would be the appropriate British response.

“Eden would only go in with three Musketeers if he was promised that the British imagined Israeli invasion of Jordan would not happen and, the Israelis had to promise the British and French that this would not happen.”

Ben Gurion promised and the invasion of Egypt by Britain, France and Israel, began on Oct 29. 1956 and the invasion of Israel was shelved.

All for naught as Eisenhower sent them packing.

In 1964, the Palestine Liberation Organization was formed to liberate Palestine through armed struggle. But it took years for the notion of a Palestinian Arab "people" to crystalize. In 1967, they were not recognized as such, nor were they considered a party to the conflict. Security Council Resolution 242 passed after the ’67 war, made no mention of them.

Since when did the Palestinian s become entitled to a state? traces the role of all US administrations in creating a Palestinian Arab state for a non-existing people. In 1982, the US went so far as to save Arafat and his 40,000 terrorists from certain destruction in Beirut and ferry then to Tunisia for safe keeping. Pres Clinton made certain that Arafat and his gang of terrorists were accepted into Israel as part of the Oslo Accords. The Oslo Accords have been trouble and bloodshed for Israel ever since.

You might ask yourself, why in the world would the US do that? Why indeed.

Starting with the Rogers Plan of 1969, the US has been at the forefront of creating a Palestinian Arab state and no amount of Black Septembers, plane high jackings, Munich Massacres and terrorizinhg lebanon and Israel from Southern Lebanon detered them. Then after Oslo, no amount of intafadas could deter them. How do you explain that?

Similarly, the US is ignoring the support extended to Hamas by the PA. The PA and Iran, it seems can do no wrong.

Fast forward to today. Is the US for Israel or against it?

Apparently, the US is still working to ensure the creation of a Palestinian Arab state.

Blinken recently advised the Senate “At some point, what would make the most sense would be for an effective and revitalized Palestinian Authority to have governance and ultimately security responsibility for Gaza,”

To date, the Biden administration has supported Israel’s right of self-defense providing it is exercised in compliance with International law.

At the same time it has insisted that Israel:

Allow humanitarian assistance to enter Israel from Egypt, currently in excess of 100 trucks per day, Restore the internet to Gaza. Restore the flow of water into Gaza. Refrain from arming its own citizens Allow for a pause in the fighting which Israel has so far rejected.

With every demand the Biden administration imposes on Israel, it makes it more difficult to achieve victory and ensures more Israeli lives will be lost in doing so.

The reason Israel is so compliant is because she is dependent on US resupply of munitions and the US is controlling the resupply to make certain that Israel remains dependant on her.

The only reason the US is letting Israel crush Hamas is because she wants to instal the PA as ruler in Gaza and thereby usher in the two-state solution.

On October 20th , Caroline Glick wrote:

"In nearly every statement and speech U.S. President Joe Biden gave during his brief sojourn in Tel Aviv, he insisted that Hamas does not represent the Palestinians and that the Palestinian Authority is their true representative. The P.A., the president insisted, does not share Hamas’s goal of eradicating the Jewish state and the Jewish people. Biden foresees a future where the P.A. is in charge of the Gaza Strip, and Israel agrees to a Palestinian state in Gaza, as well as in Judea and Samaria."

This will never happen. Israel is not shedding its blood in order to install the PA in Gaza.

Martin Sherman put it best in Gaza: The tragically belated death of a “conception

“Clearly, the only way Israel can ensure who governs Gaza is to govern it itself. Moreover, the only way Israel can govern Gaza without imposing its rule on “another people”, is to remove that “other people” from the confines of Gaza, over which it is obligated to rule. Up until October 7th, it was possible to conceive of this being conducted in a non-coercive manner by economically induced emigration. Lamentably, that possibility has been overtaken by events. Now, such an exodus must be implemented coercively and rapidly.”

And he is not alone in thinking so. Jewish communities around the world call for Jews to settle Gaza and Amb. Friedman: No to 2-states; Yes to Israeli Sovereignty in Judea, Samaria and Gaza

And most clearly the best solution for Israel and the Gazans: Resettle them in the West, as the West did for Syrian, Sudanese, Ukranian refugees and countless others and let them build a life where destroying Israel is not an option. Alternately, any Arab country will do.

Ted Belman is a retired attorney and the editor of Israpundit. He made aliya in 2009 and is now living in Jerusalem.