Policemen ready for demolition
Policemen ready for demolitionPolice Spokesman

This morning (Wednesday), hundreds of Jerusalem district and city police officers and IDF forces demolished the Ras al Amud family home in East Jerusalem, of the 21-year-old terrorist Khairy Alkam, who carried out the murderous shooting attack in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood of Jerusalem at the beginning of 2023.

The terrorist entered the Neve Ya'akov neighborhood in Jerusalem on a Friday night and fired at short range at people passing by on the street, murdering 7 people and injuring 3 others.

The victims were 68-year-old Shaul Chai, 59-year-old Irina Korolova, 55-year-old Rafael Ben Eliyahu, 48-year-old Eliyahu Mizrachi and his 45-year-old wife Natali, 26-year-old Ilya Sosnaski and 14.5 year-old Asher Natan Morali.

After the killing spree, the terrorist tried to escape by car, but policemen pursued him on foot and on horseback, and within a short time made contact under fire and killed him.

A day after the attack, and based on a decision of the political echelon, the security forces sealed the terrorist's home in eastern Jerusalem.

As part of additional operations carried out against terrorists, an order was signed earlier this year by the Inspector General to demolish the home of the terrorist's family. A petition filed against the order to the High Court and discussed in July of this year was rejected.

In this ruling, the court stated: "This was a brutal, deadly and continuous killing spree, during which the assailant also shot at people who came to help the wounded, and he did not stop until he was killed by the security forces. These acts and their tragic outcome point to a strong need to deter potential threats."

After finalizing the approval of plans by the Commander of the Jerusalem District, Superintendent Doron Turgeman, which took place this week, the operation to demolish the house of the terrorist's family in Ras al-Amud began this morning, under the supervision of the commander of the Jerusalem Police, Yaakov Berman. In the demolition operation, as mentioned, Border policemen and policemen of the Jerusalem district worked together with IDF forces.