US Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer spoke to close to 300,000 protesters at the March for Israel rally held in Washington DC, on Tuesday.

"We are here united, Democrat and Republican, House and Senate, to say: 'We stand with Israel," he said.

"There are no words for the horror that happened one month ago in Israel. On October 7, when the most Jews were killed in a single day since the Holocaust. It brings back much darker days. And let us not forget history. History shows that when the world ignored antisemitism in the last century, it led to the worst catastrophe in human history, six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust. History shows that Israel was almost destroyed — in 1967, in 1973. We cannot, we must not let that happen again," added Schumer.

Schumer spoke about the dark history of the Jewish People: "Let us not forget history. History shows that antisemitism has been deep in the core of Europe for centuries and that too many European nations have never been friends of Israel. History shows that when antisemitism rears its ugly head, if it's not dealt with forcefully and directly, it grows into a deadly force."

Hamas is continuing to uphold antisemitism that persisted throughout the generations. “When Hamas says 'from the river to the sea,' they mean that all of present-day Israel should be a Jewish-free land. In fact, Hamas has said that what they did to the Jewish communities near the Gaza border, they should do to all Israelis. We will never forget the evil of Hamas," said Schumer.

But, ultimately, he added: "History also reminds us of one thing, that even in its darkest days, the United States has always stood with Israel and we will do everything to see that that never, ever changes. The US will fight for the release of all hostages until they are brought to safety. And so, I say to the Israeli people, here in America ‘we have your back. America feels your pain. we ache with you. We stand with you. We will not rest until you get all the assistance you need.’ The Jewish people will be resilient and today all of you are here showing we will not hide in the face of adversity in America and in Israel. Am Yisrael Chai. The Jewish People will live forever.”