al-Shifa hospital
al-Shifa hospitalמג'די פתחי/TPS

White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told reporters today (Tuesday) that America has independent intelligence showing that the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations have been using al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza to conduct their military operations, and among other things, are storing weapons at the hospital.

This is the first time that the Biden Administration has publically supported Israel's position that Hamas has been using hospitals in Gaza for military purposes.

Kirby noted that Hamas has a command and control center in al-Shifa hospital.

He said that the terrorist organizations use the hospitals "to conceal and support their military operations and to hold hostages."

Kirby stated that the use of hospitals in this manner by Hamas and Islamic Jihad constitutes war crimes, and that Israel maintains the responsibility to defend itself despite this cynical use of human shields by its enemies.

Last night, IDF Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari delivered an address to the media on the discovery of terrorist infrastructure in and underneath Rantisi Children's Hospital.

Hagari showed footage proving that Hamas "runs its terror machine under hospitals in Gaza" by showing a tunnel at the hospital as well as Hamas infrastructure in the hospital's basement. In addition, a motorcycle of the kind used to bring kidnapped Israeli hostages to Gaza was found in the base, along with further signs that hostages were held there such as a baby bottle, ropes used to hold people in place, and an improvised toilet.

Hamas has used multiple hospitals in Gaza for military purposes. Terrorists fired at IDF troops from within the Al Aqsa hospital, and the terror organization has a command center under the al-Shifa hospital.