Itai Hoffman
Itai HoffmanIsrael National News

Itai Hoffman, chairman of the civilian security coordinators' union and security coordinator of Kibbutz Maoz Haim, joined a session of Israel’s National Security Council and presented a heartfelt plea regarding the conditions for security coordinators and civilian emergency squads near Israel's borders.

“The writing was on the wall,” he told Arutz Sheva - Israel National News. “We repeatedly warned that they are reducing the civilian emergency squads, reducing the amount of equipment we have, and removing civilian security coordinators, and this is a tragedy for Israel's security. No one listens to us. Now we are calling for the Minister of National Security to pass a law for security coordinators and create an authority that will give a command and control system for all security coordinators in Israel. We need to align with one another in all security matters concerning civilian emergency squads and coordinators. This must be done now so that we do not have another Black Shabbat.”

Hoffman does not hold back describing his anger at the Defense Ministry. “They abandoned the civilian security coordinators and the citizens. One million residents of the most threatened towns in Israel were abandoned. They cut back on the security squads. Security coordinators went to work with no authority to do anything. They had no benefits or insurance. The Defense Ministry treats us like the worst of criminals.”

“I call on the Defense Ministry to let us go. After all, you don't want us and said as much. The National Security Ministry does want us, so let us go, before the next disaster. You cannot hold us hostage and turn us into cannon fodder and turn the citizens into sitting ducks.

“Those same officials in the Defense Ministry are the ones responsible for this disaster, and should take our place on the border. Next week, if helmets and armored vests do not reach the civilian security squads, and they continue not to recognize us, we will bring those officials to the front lines with no armor or vests and demand that they stand there instead of us.”