Forces on their way to Gaza
Forces on their way to GazaEitan Elchadez / TPS

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The weather in Israel is changing, with longer nights and colder temperatures all across the country. Cold, wet conditions are challenging for soldiers in the field and have a real impact on their wellbeing. The physical comfort of the soldiers affects their ability to function and has a huge impact on their mental and emotional well-being.

With the large number of reserve soldiers called up to the front, many are lacking the gear to face the cold winter weather. The IDF is currently facing a major shortage of the supplies necessary to equip our soldiers for the cold winter weather.

The Achisamach organization is currently raising money to purchase winterized equipment and clothing for our soldiers which will be given out at the army bases in the South & North fronts, including: thermal undergarments, military-grade softshell jackets, tactical-rated gloves and IDF approved sweaters.

Your donation NOW means that another soldier in the field will survive this winter!