MK Ya'akov Asher
MK Ya'akov AsherYonatan Sindel/Flash90

As part of the Interior Committee meeting regarding the necessary dispensations for this period in terms of building bomb shelters, MK Ya'akov Asher (UTJ) raised the need to expand the dispensations to public institutions to circumvent the bureaucracy that exists in this area.

This would constitute expanding a dispensation given approximately a week ago, according to which bomb shelters in ground-level homes and two-story residential buildings are exempt from a building permit. This is conditional on there being room to build a bomb shelter on the property, an inspection by the building planner, and an inspection by a Home Front Command engineer.

At MK Asher's request, public buildings such as schools, kindergartens, and synagogues were added to the more lenient guidelines. This is an important step that will significantly reduce the time needed to construct a bomb shelter.

This amendment joins a program that the planning council has approved to allow a quick process for reinforcing buildings against earthquakes, with no additions to the plot. Today, with the expiry of a building's registration under this program, most buildings can no longer be reinforced without adding to the building plot. With the approval of the planned amendments, it will become possible to reinforce buildings quickly and with no further additions.

The Interior Committee, headed by MK Asher, is supposed to deliberate in the upcoming days on additional leniencies in the field of construction and reinforcement of buildings, with the intention of speeding up the process even more and removing any possible obstacles.