Netanyahu today
Netanyahu todayRoi Avraham/GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Monday), visited IDF Desert Patrol Battalion 585 (the Bedouin Patrol Battalion), which is under the command of the Southern Brigade.

The Prime Minister was briefed on the activity of the unit by Acting Battalion Commander Lt.-Col. Nader Eyadat, and spoke with the commanders on the combat they led on October 7th in clearing the area. Prime Minister Netanyahu also heard from Assistant Company Commander Topaz Hajbi and Reserve Acting Company Commander Mahmoud Hiv on the combat they led from their residences in the south.

Addressing the soldiers of the battalion, Netanyahu warned the Hezbollah terrorist organization and its leader Hassan Nasrallah are "playing with fire" in their continued attacks of northern Israel.

"I am here with the Bedouin Patrol Battalion, with commander Nader Eyadat and his highly motivated soldiers. Jewish and Bedouin commanders are standing shoulder-to-shoulder. They have fought, and are now fighting, heroically. They are safeguarding our country in an exemplary manner and in full partnership." Netanyahu said.

He added: "I salute you and rely on you. You are the future of us all. Our partnership is the future of us all against these savages. You are all imbued with the same goal – we are going to win. There are no breaks here. There is no half-measure. This is neither an 'operation' nor a 'round'. We are going for total victory here.

"I see your determination. Despite all of the pain, very considerable pain, I see level-headedness and the commitment to complete the mission. In the war, we will win. This is our fight and the main fight is here." he added.

Addressing Nasrallah, Netanyahu said: "We also have exchanges of fire in the north, you know this. In these exchanges of fire in the north, there is someone who thinks he can expand the attacks against our forces and our civilians; this is playing with fire. Fire will be met by much stronger fire. They should not try us because we have shown only a little of our might. Any attack against us – we will attack those who attack us."

"We will restore security to the north and we will restore security to the south. We will restore security to the State of Israel, but first of all, there will be victory here – Hamas will be eliminated," he vowed.

"I believe in you. I salute you, each and every one of you, I truly salute you. Well done," the Prime Minister concluded.