Police arrested two youths from Umm al-Fahm who were plotting to carry out a terrorist stabbing attack at the Savidor train station in Tel Aviv.

In light of the pair's suspicious behavior, police approached and began questioning them. They were each found to be carrying a knife and were detained for questioning.

The initial investigation found that the two 14-year-olds left their home in Umm Al-Fahm with bags school on the morning of the incident and boarded a bus headed for Tel Aviv, with each of them holding a knife in their school bags, with the apparent aim of carrying out a stabbing attack against Israeli soldiers.

After getting off the bus in Tel Aviv, the two placed their school bags against a building and left. They then returned to their bags to take out and arm themselves with the knives they intended to use in the attack.

Police officers spotted the suspicious activity and began questioning the boys, leading to the discovery of the plot and their arrest.

The attempted stabbing occurred on November 2. The case was placed under a gag order, which was lifted today (Monday).