A recent speech by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, his second since the war broke out, has drawn interest from Arab countries and the world at large.

Users noted that the speech, which included threats and rebukes to the United States of America, was delivered while he sat on a luxury office chair from the USA, valued at approximately $2,000, or 8,000 ILS.

According to one user, the chair is a Herman Miller item from Michigan.

Nasrallah's supporters rebuked the author of the post, saying 'It's not our money, what do you care?' and denying that it was in fact an American-made chair.

"You may have political, military, or sovereignty issues, but I recommend you limit the childish and foolish comments inspired by falsified pictures," one supporter wrote.

On Saturday, Nasrallah mentioned during his speech that "In the past few days, there has been an escalation in our activity and in the weapons we are using, including kamikaze drones. We have decided to use 'Burkan' missiles, which can carry up to half a ton of explosives."

"Every day we infiltrate more drones into Israel to gather intelligence. We reach Haifa, Tverya, and northern Israel. Some return and some do not. Our goal is also to wear down the Iron Dome and Patriot systems."

He also referred to the war against Hamas: "Israel is targeting Gaza's civilians and trying to slow the resistance. Many children are being killed and others are being forced from their homes. Israel is taking revenge against Gaza. They have no moral bounds."

"Israel will not reach its goals through these murderous acts. The world now sees the true nature of Israel, which kills children while it still claims that it is protecting them. The most important protests are those in the United States and Europe because they pressure the governments there. All the powers that rejected a ceasefire because it served Hamas are now calling for a full ceasefire."