Donald Trump
Donald TrumpREUTERS

Former US President Donald Trump told Univision that he believes the war with Hamas will "have to play out."

"So you have a war that’s going on, and you’re probably going to have to let this play out," he said. "You’re probably going to have to let it play out because a lot of people are dying. It should have never started. There was no way it would have started again. Iran didn’t have the money because Iran is leading this. And only fools would say that’s not true. They’re leading this. They’re very tricky, very smart, very cunning. They’re leading it, and it’s got to end."

Trump claimed that there is mutual animosity between the sides that prevents the conflict from seeing an easy or peaceful resolution. "There is no hatred like the Palestinian hatred of Israel and Jewish people. And probably the other way around also; I don’t know," Trump said. "You know, it’s not as obvious, but probably that’s it too. So sometimes you have to let things play out and you have to see where it ends."

These statements join a number of claims regarding the war, including that his policy towards Iran would have prevented it from happening, and that he will deport supporters of Hamas if and when he returns to power. He has also noted that Hezbollah has been "very smart" in their conduct thus far, and criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel's public relations efforts.

Other candidates for the Oval Office, including President Joe Biden and numerous Republican candidates, have proclaimed that they steadfastly support Israel in this conflict.