IDF forces, under the direction of military intelligence, eliminated a significant number of members of the Hamas 'Nukhba force' who took part in the massacre of October 7.

Among the terrorists who were eliminated were Ahmed Musa, commander of the Nukhba force and Amr Alhandi, the commander of a platoon in the force. The two barricaded themselves in western Jabaliya. Musa was one of the commanders of the raids on the Zikim military base and Kibbutz Zikim. In recent days, he led offensive activity against IDF forces in Gaza.

In addition, the head of the Hamas Northern Brigade's sniper unit, Muhammad Kahlot, was eliminated.

Reserve fighters from the 252nd Division, directed by the Shin Bet, eliminated 19 Hamas terrorists overnight who were preparing to attack IDF forces.

Soldiers from the 401st Brigade located and destroyed a container located on a Gaza beach containing about 20 rocket launchers. During combat operations in the neighborhood of Sheikh Ijlin in Gaza City, the soldiers found a rocket launcher near residential buildings. All the weapons found were destroyed or confiscated by the IDF.