Al Jazeera TV accidentally aired footage of Hamas terrorists inside the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, providing further proof of the fact that Hamas uses civilians as human shields and operates out of civilian areas.

The IDF Spokesperson recently provided proof that Hamas routinely and, in an emergency, uses humanitarian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip for the benefit of its terrorist activities and to protect its terrorists and the leaders of the terrorist organization.

The headquarters of the organization's activity in the Gaza Strip is Shifa Hospital, which is the central and largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, located in the heart of Gaza City.

On Thursday, an IDF source said that soldiers located a Hamas weapons production and storage facility inside a residential building, right next to a children's bedroom.

While operating in Gaza, the soldiers discovered a Hamas weapons manufacturing and storage facility used to produce and store UAVs and weapons.

The site was located in a residential building, in close proximity to schools in the center of the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in northern Gaza.

In the building, Hamas’ explosives and operational plans were found right next to a children's' bedroom.