A driver was spotted on a main street in a Haredi neighborhood in Ashdod driving wildly on the sidewalk.

The incident took place at night on Hokanos Street. The driver, who was apparently filmed by one of his friends who was driving behind him, drove on the sidewalk near a crosswalk and began driving quickly down the sidewalk as if it were a road.

In footage published online, the driver is seen speeding past entrances to apartment buildings on the street. Miraculously, no one was walking in the area at the time, and the incident ended without injury.

A short time ago, the driver was arrested.

The police stated: "The Israel Police Force opened an investigation this afternoon following footage that reached the investigator, in which a vehicle is seen driving in wildly and dangerously on the sidewalk in Ashdod during the night.

Investigators from the Ashdod station immediately began to investigate, located the vehicle's information, and this way, succeeded in locating the identity of the suspect who had the car at the time the crime was allegedly committed, a 23-year-old Ashdod resident.

The suspect, as mentioned, was arrested for questioning a short time ago, after which it will be decided whether he will be brought before a judge tomorrow to extend his arrest."

The police clarified that they "see this crime with great severity, and the police investigators, from the moment the footage was received, used all of the technological means at their disposal to arrest the suspect and to distance him from the road."