Since the war between Israel and Hamas broke out on October 7th, over 2,600 terrorists have been integrated into Israel Prison Service (IPS) facilities. The majority of them are from Judea and Samaria, and hundreds of them are terrorists who infiltrated from Gaza, some from Hamas' "elite" Nukhba unit.

By order of the IPS Commissioner Katy Perry, Nukhba terrorists are held handcuffed in separate wings and solitary conditions. About 170 cell phones and 150 cold weapons were caught in the security wings.

Commissioner Perry stated: "What was won't be. We will lead a different, more narrow, policy for security prisoners."

She explained: "They are kept 4-8 in a cell, locked up all day. They are classified as the most dangerous detainees among the IPS's security prisoners. We received dozens of Nukhba terrorists. At this point, they are in solitude and receive only the basic necessities."

Regarding the possibility of the terrorists being released in return for the hostages, she stated: "It is not on my desk, there are people who deal with the issue. We will pray that everyone (the hostages) returns home."