IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi and Shin Bet Director Ronen Bar entered together with combat forces deep into the Gaza Strip and held a situational assessment in the field.

The Chief of Staff stated that "the central point of strength for now in this war, which I feel constantly, is the partnerships, I go around and see the IDF, in every corner, everyone is doing everything so that you could be as strong as possible.

"There is nothing that isn't done for you to work well. Keep going forward strongly, thoroughly, pick up the pace," he added.

The Shin Bet Director stated, "You have the public's unprecedented appreciation, both within the diplomatic rank and also Hamas - it's improving. As the representative of the Shin Bet, in war, we work for the IDF.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant held a situational assessment on Thursday with the 252nd Sinai Division, a reserve division operating in the northern Gaza Strip against the Hamas terrorist organization.

"We must remember that in Beit Hanoun is the battalion from which the terrorists came to murder and kidnap in Kibbutz Erez, Netiv Ha'Asara, and Sderot. This battle has meaning beyond the symbolic aspect," Gallant told the soldiers of the division.

"We need to ensure that all terrorist infrastructure in Beit Hanoun is destroyed. We will not stop, we will continue with all our might until we eradicate the Hamas organization - we will strike the entire chain of command, military depots, communications channels, tunnels, bunkers, and headquarters, everything," he said.