Alec, the brother of fallen Border Police officer Rose Lubin, paid his last respects to his older sister.

''Rose was my older sister and first friend. Because of this, she was my first best friend, and we would spend all day and night together, he stated.

Alec reminisced: "Rose's hair was an extension of who she was. I can only describe it as being like a Dr. Seuss book - her hair is blue, now it's yellow. Oh, wait, now it's red. If you're confused, she now has dreads. She always had her uniqueness, but what other people thought never bothered Rose - she carried her shoulders square, her head high, and was not smiling.''

He added: "She was the most free-spirited person I have ever known. She was not strange but lived the life she wanted to live and never let anyone's thoughts stop her. She could block out all the white noise and focus on what was important.''

She was the most understanding person I have ever met. If you had an issue, Rose was the one you would go to to discuss it and solve it. She was so trustworthy, and I may never have someone so trustworthy to talk to again.''

The brother continued: "Rose was also tough as nails. She was the toughest on the street and went four a unit where only the top four out of ten made it. She may not have made it, but that takes guts. She found her home guarding a gate in the Arab quarter - not a safe area, but it is where she chose to be, and she guarded it the best she could. She stopped many altercations from occurring and took down a wanted terrorist during her service. She was praised by many and given awards for her actions. Rose also helped fight off the surprise attack on Oct. 7, with other soldiers and officers, around Kibbutz Sa'ad. Rose was also merciful. She never abused her power and judged everyone fairly and equally.

Rose's body was her temple. Her home away from home was the gym, and sometimes, she would spend more time there than at her home. She started dieting and took everyone with her. She never drank alcohol and refused to take certain medicines because of the effects they would have on her body. If she could, she would always choose a natural way.''

He added: "Another thing about Rose is that she loved to laugh. When she started laughing, it was contagious, and she would many times be the last one laughing as well. She had a laugh I will never forget.

Rose never settled on anything until Israel. She knew she wanted to be in the IDF from a young age. As time went on, she became determined to move to Israel as well and to continue her career in the IDF, her passion, dream, and choice."

''She was a huge role model to me for so long, and I always looked up to her. Rose taught me to walk with pride, hold my head high, love those closest to me with all my heart, always offer a hand, and never judge unfairly. She also taught me to be proud of my religion.''

''She may be the single person about whom no one has anything bad to say. Her teachers loved her, her peers adored her, her teammates looked up to her, and her family will always miss her. She was a human with no negatives. I can guarantee she would not want us to sit around and give up - mourn her, yes, but not give up. She would want us to hold our heads up and continue proudly, as she did during her young and vibrant time here," he concluded.