David and Robin Lubin, the parents of Border Police officer Rose Lubin, who was killed this week in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem, eulogized their daughter on Thursday at a funeral with thousands in attendance.

"Rose remains with us," David said, "She remains a part of all of us and of Israel. She should be carried with us in your hearts, minds, and actions. She was someone special."

He recalled: ''Rose grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She was taught from a very young age never to tolerate antisemitism and to stand up for anyone trying to take advantage of the weak. By the age of five, she had visited Israel twice and announced that she wanted to stay there. She would tell new friends on the playground that they could only be friends for now because when she was eighteen, she would move to Israel and join the Israeli army."

"I was worried about her joining the IDF. I started taking her to the gym when she was twelve. She was always pushing her limits, challenging herself mentally and physically."

Her mother, Robin, added, ''When COVID hit, she had to stay at home for nine months but created Instagram workouts to inspire her friends and wrote online about healthy living, eating, and thinking.''

"Rose's hair was an expression of herself. It was every style, every length from down to her waist to a shaved head, and every color of the rainbow."

"She had a way about her that made everyone feel that they could get along with her and that she was always on their side. Our house was filled with friends of every ethnicity and race. Rose loved to get into deep conversations and philosophize all night long.''

The mother added: "Rose remained Shabbat-observant and committed to her Judaism. She would walk miles to sporting events, attend prayers, and teach at youth services. She would not speak gossip and remove herself from a conversation if others did. She was the most spiritually connected person we ever knew, and her Torah was authentic and carried through everything she did in life."

"Friday night meals are the thing we will miss the most - meals filled with singing, story, and change," she recalled."

Robin concluded: "Life as we know it has changed. Though a piece of us is missing, we will fill that gap with strength and kindness. Thank you for the outpouring of support from around the world and the good deeds you are doing to elevate Rose's soul.''