Shlomo Karhi
Shlomo KarhiArutz Sheva

Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi (Likud) has turned to the news outlets whose journalists were seemingly involved in the Hamas-ISIS massacre of Israelis on October 7, demanding immediate explanations.

In an urgent letter to CNN, Reuters, The New York Times, and AP, Karhi demanded immediate and documented clarifications regarding the report, which seems to show the outlets' journalists joining the Hamas terrorists who breached the Gaza-Israel border and broadcasting the massacre live.

In his letter, which bore a subject line of, " Urgent Request for Investigation into the possible Actions and /or Collusion of your employees with the terrorist organization Hamas - ISIS," Karhi wrote, "I write to you with deep concern regarding recent reports about your employees' alleged involvement in the tragic events in southern Israel, where Hamas-ISIS terrorists carried out a heinous massacre."

"It has come to our attention that certain individuals within your organization, including photographers and others, had prior knowledge of these horrific actions and may have maintained a troubling connection with the perpetrators.

"The victims of this dreadful incident included innocent children, women, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities. They endured unspeakable torture, loss of life, and kidnappings, while it is alleged that some of your employees were present, documenting these horrors, effectively becoming participants in this horrifying event.

"I urgently request a thorough investigation into this matter. This investigation should encompass the gathering of comprehensive documentary evidence, including schedules, photographs, and any indications of actions, direct or indirect, taken by your organization in contacting the relevant authorities in your respective countries.

"The gravity of the situation demands a swift and thorough response. It is now a time for individuals, journalists, institutions, unions, and organizations around the world to make a clear choice. We must decide whether we stand on the side of life and good or on the side of depraved terrorism, inhumanity, and evil."

Karhi concluded his letter by writing, "Your prompt and transparent response in this matter will not only serve justice but also uphold the values of compassion and humanity that we, as a global community, should hold dear."

"I look forward to your immediate attention and response to this matter."