Burning garbage in Rantis area
Burning garbage in Rantis areaMinistry of Environmental Protection

Since the early hours of Wednesday morning, the Ministry of Environmental Protection hotline has received many inquiries regarding a strong burning smell in the central areas, including Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Shoham, Barkat, and Petah Tikva.

They reported that the source of the stench in the Center is coming from the Rantis area in the Palestinian Authority, where a pirate waste site is operated. A tour of the area reveals that most of the burned waste is construction waste.

National air monitoring stations data show that increases in particle concentrations and benzene concentrations were measured in these areas. Also, difficult meteorological conditions prevail during these hours and weak southeasterly winds make it difficult to disperse the air pollutants. The combination of the fires and the meteorological conditions lead to an increase in the pollutant concentrations measured at the monitoring stations.

"The Ministry of Environmental Protection is very concerned about the burning of waste in the area of the Palestinian Authority and its impact on the public and the environment, and is in constant contact with the Civil Administration, which has the authority to handle burning waste in Judea and Samaria," the Ministry said.

The Fire and Rescue Department said: "The inspection revealed that the source of the stench is controlled fires that are burning in the Rantis area in Judea and Samaria - neither an arson nor a dangerous or uncontrolled fire."