“What about Gideon?? Where is Gigi? Is he ok?”

Hours upon hours of nerve-wracking thoughts, waiting for word. Alternating emotions. Fear. Hope. Anguish.

And no answers.

And then, the most terrible news of all. Gigi was brutally slaughtered by savage beasts in the middle of the holy day of Simchat Torah.

Gigi - Gideon Harel, named after his late uncle Gideon, who was killed by a bomb from Hamas terrorists 19 years ago.

Gigi is gone, murdered by the same evildoers.

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His parents are shattered. They can’t even grieve properly. They are busy worrying terribly for their other son, Aviad.

What happened to him? Is he alive, did he share his brother’s fate? Such horrible possibilities, none of which bring comforting thoughts.

And then, the news comes in. The awful, terrible news that Aviad is gone, too. The Hamas murderers, with incomparable cruelty, have taken a third soul from this family.

They murdered Aviad and, with him, crushed the soul of the entire family.

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As a group of friends who went to support the family during those horrible hours, we found out that besides the grief and shattering sorrow, the financial situation of the family is sheer poverty. It was clear to anyone there that the family of Gigi and Aviad needed desperate financial assistance. The bills that are owed, the debt amassed.

We asked ourselves, what can we do to help? Obviously, we cannot bring Gigi and Aviad back as much as we would like to, but we still can help the family retain some dignity. Helping them out financially during such a difficult time can perhaps ease a drop of their sorrow. It is our duty to try.

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Gigi and Aviad left two heartbroken parents and ten heartbroken siblings, some of them still very young. Two of these siblings B”H survived the terrible massacre in which their brothers were so ruthlessly murdered. They all need our support.

In memory of Gigi and Aviad, please help us help their family.

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