Reading the Koran
Reading the KoranFlash 90

As part of the preparations for the capture of Hamas terrorists during the war in Gaza, IDF officials were asked to provide, in addition to the requested food and equipment, one hundred Koran books. Army officials who received the request about this are "disgusted."

According to the report, the request to receive the Koran books was included as part of the preparations for the capture of Hamas terrorists by IDF soldiers during the war. A request was also submitted to allow them prayer times in their expected daily routine.

An army source strongly criticized the demand: "They came to butcher our children and our people in the name of this book, and now we have been asked to provide them with this book in their prison cells? I have trouble understanding the logic."

"It is unbelievable that even after the heinous massacre that was carried out in the name of the Koran, someone in the IDF still thinks that we should take care of the welfare of these horrible terrorists and provide them with Koran books that will only strengthen their murderous ideology," he claimed.

Another officer with whom we spoke added: "It's astounding and shocking to find out what the army is busy with, while our soldiers are fighting in Gaza and sacrificing their lives. Is that what matters now? That terrorists from Hamas will have Koran books. For what? To encourage them even more after the terrible massacre that happened here?"

It should be noted that commentators and orientalists pointed out the close connection between the attack on the October 7 and the interpretation given by Hamas to verses from the Koran, according to which in the end of days there will be a great war between the Muslims and the Jews, and in this war every tree and every stone will cry out, “O Muslim, behind me a Jew is hiding. Come and kill him.”

Verses from the Koran were also quoted by senior Hamas officials and terrorists who consider themselves G-d's messengers assigned to the Muslims to punish the Jews; a mission stated in the verses of the Koran.

An IDF spokesperson stated in response that "the IDF operates in accordance with international treaties and provides those captured with the equipment required according to those treaties. Koran books were not distributed to the Hamas terrorists from the October 7 massacre in the specific prison facility."

The request for the Koran books indicates that Koran books were indeed ordered but they were not intended for the terrorists who participated in the actual massacre, but for terrorists who would be captured by IDF soldiers during the days of fighting in southern Israel.