Hospital (illustrative)
Hospital (illustrative)iStock

Israel estimates that the amount of fuel currently in the possession of Gaza's hospitals is enough to keep them functional for "an extended period of time," two sources familiar with the matter told Kan Reshet Bet.

Kan News was also informed that Israel is holding negotiations to open additional field hospitals within Gaza, near the Emirati hospital.

Gaza claims to have 35 hospitals, 16 of which are purportedly no longer functioning due to Israeli airstrikes. According to Al Jazeera, of Gaza's 72 primary healthcare clinics, 51 have shut down.

Last month, the IDF revealed that Hamas houses headquarters underneath a Gaza hospital.

Earlier this month, it became clear that Hamas also steals fuel from Gaza hospitals, with a Hamas commander claiming that when Hamas takes fuel from hospital stocks, it is "working as a government for the sake of the country."