Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari
Rear Admiral Daniel Hagariצילום: אבשלום ששוני, פלאש 90

IDF Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari delivered the following address Tuesday evening, on the one-month anniversary of the Hamas massacre of October 7.

Today we are marking a month since the beginning of the war. On the morning of October 7th, Hamas carried out a cruel terror attack. Hamas terrorists committed crimes against humanity. Many families were ripped apart, losing what is dearest to them. We have mourned children, brothers and parents. 240 kidnapped were taken from their families and from their homes. We do not forget what happened and will continue to remind the world of the massacre that happened and continue to tell the world that Hamas is responsible. Hamas that is worse than ISIS.

From the depths of pain, the IDF went to war with full force. The IDF commanders take full responsibility for what happened and we will continue to investigate what happened. But now, we are at war. War for our home. We are focused on dismantling Hamas and are making the greatest efforts to return the hostages. We carry the responsibility for their return as a heavy burden and we will do everything, everything to bring them home. The strength of the IAF, the navy, the precise intelligence of the military intelligence, and the ISA, alongside the infantry, who are in a ground operation deep inside Gaza City, are together, placing heavy pressure on Hamas.

So far, this month, we’ve attacked over 14,000 terror targets. We have killed many Hamas commanders, of various ranks. We have destroyed over 100 tunnel openings leading to terror tunnels, over 4,000 weapons, many of which were hidden in mosques, kindergartens and residential buildings - testifying to the cynical use of civilians as human shields by Hamas. We have successes, but there is still a long journey ahead. Hamas terrorists are telling themselves there will be a ceasefire. There is no ceasefire. We continue moving forward. We are focused on our offensive in Gaza. That said, we are working in parallel on each of the fronts. We are at a high level of preparedness in the North. In Judea and Samaria we are thwarting attempts at terror attacks and in the Red Sea we are prepared to defend against any scenario. The IDF is highly prepared and is ready to strike hard on any front in any area, against any threat, when needed.

I also wish to inform the public that we are conducting a few adjustments to the Home Front Command apps. This comes in response to requests made by the public and tonight we are working on it. I call upon you to use the various platforms to get the updates. Your compliance with the Home Front Commands helps keep maintain routine under the shadow of the war and to minimize civilian casualties.

I talk a lot to the soldiers and commanders in the field. Day after day, they prove their heroism and courage. Day in, day out.