Mapping the home of the Jerusalem terrorist
Mapping the home of the Jerusalem terroristIDF spokesperson

The IDF operated in Tulkarm on Monday night, including the use of an armed UAV. Several terrorists were injured.

During the operation, engineering forces uncovered a number of IEDs which were ready for use and intended to harm IDF forces. In addition, explosives were hurled and shots were fired towards IDF forces, who returned fire.

During the operation, the forces located and destroyed a weapons storehouse where gas tanks and other materials for manufacturing explosives were stored.

A security source noted that there is an increasing tendency by the terror organizations to booby-trap civilian infrastructure in Judea and Samaria.

"Terror organizations, foremost among them the Hamas terror group, have continued planting many explosive devices under roads and civilian infrastructure throughout Palestinian cities in Judea and Samaria. We continue to work to expose and neutralize these explosives, which endanger our forces and our freedom of movement in the area. In addition, this constitutes an endangerment of civilian infrastructure, which presents a concrete danger, every day, to thousands of residents throughout Judea and Samaria," the source said.

"Wherever there is a suspicion of an explosive - whether it is in the Jenin refugee camp, Nur a-Shams, or any other place - the engineering forces under the Central Command will neutralize it. The destruction of infrastructure is a direct result of the use of explosives by terror organizations."

Meanwhile, on Monday night, IDF, Border Police, and ISA forces arrested 28 wanted suspects throughout Judea and Samaria, including 11 Hamas terrorists.

In Kafr Si'ir, the IDF mapped the home of the terrorist who carried out a stabbing attack near the Old City in Jerusalem, in which a police officer was killed. During the operation, suspects hurled rocks and firebombs towards IDF forces, who returned fire and confirmed hits on the attackers.