President Isaac Herzog on Monday gave an interview to British journalist Piers Morgan, for the popular talk show "Piers Morgan Uncensored", which was broadcast in the UK, US, Australia and live on YouTube, where the show has over 2 million subscribers.

Herzog spoke in the interview about the terrible trauma suffered by the Israeli people, and detailed some of the shocking crimes committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7. He later stressed Israel's undeniable right to defend itself, and the difficulties in fighting against a terrorist organization that hides behind a civilian population and uses it cynically.

“We have been attacked from schools, mosques, shops, and people’s living rooms. Our forces walked into a playground for children where they found launchers in the ground, ready to launch missiles on our children. And I say, if they’re ready to launch missiles on our children, we must go and eradicate that site. Same goes for the houses,” said Herzog.

He added, “Now, how do we behave according to International Humanitarian Law? We alert the citizens. Of course, we try to make it as safe as possible not to hurt civilians. And believe me, and I say it outright from the bottom of my heart, we care for every civilian in Gaza. But with all the respect, there comes a moment where you have no other choice. Because if we will recur again, we’ll go through the same atrocities again.”

Asked how he feels about the fact that an anti-Israel demonstration that is scheduled to take place in London on November 11, which is Armistice Day in Britain, Herzog replied, “It’s atrocious and hypocritic and I call upon all decent human beings to object to the march and ban it, because the symbol of that day is a symbol of victory and it's a symbol of doing good, because when you fight evil, sometimes you have to fight. You have to fight evil in order to uproot evil. Unfortunately we live with evil throughout the ages and what we are seeing constantly is unbelievable evil. We've seen terror, we've been harassed by terror all our lives. Terror is what stopped the Israeli-Palestinian peace. Terror is what undermines peace.”

When asked about the criticism of the State of Israel which has been sounded by celebrities, including actress Angelina Jolie, the President replied, “I totally reject her claims. I think she’s never been in Gaza…. to visit and see the facts on the ground. In Gaza now there is war, but there is no humanitarian crisis that does not enable them to survive. Angelina Jolie does not offer the Israeli people any ability to defend themselves by saying what she’s saying. And Gaza is a jail not because of Israel. Israel pulled out of Gaza. Gaza is an Iranian base filled with terror. Perhaps the outcome of this war will enable the Gazan people who deserve a decent good life to enjoy it under a different regime that will enable movement towards peace. You’ll tell me, of course, the civilians are not to blame. Fine, if the civilians are not to blame, then please enable Israel to uproot these terrorists.”

"It was Hamas who destroyed the water infrastructure of Gaza by shooting these missiles. Israel is supplying water. Israel is enabling humanitarian aid, despite the fact that not one detail came about the hostages who are there now in Gaza - 240 of them," he stressed.

Herzog was also asked about recent statements by Israeli politicians about the situation in Gaza, particularly the statement by Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu and replied, “So, that’s words of rubbish by someone who has no authority, no knowledge, and no involvement in the real decision-making process. It is very regrettable and Prime Minister Netanyahu immediately denied it and took action to suspend this minister.”