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The South African government announced today (Monday) that it was recalling its ambassador and entire diplomatic mission to the Jewish State in protest against Israel's attempts to defend itself from the Hamas terrorist organization following the October 7 massacre.

Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lior Haiat stated in response to the South African move: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs fully supports the Israeli Ambassador in South Africa, who represents the position of the Israeli government and the people of Israel while Israel is fighting a murderous terrorist organization that calls for its destruction."

"The South African government's decision to recall its diplomatic staff is a victory for the Hamas terrorist organization and rewards it for the massacre it carried out on October 7, during which Hamas terrorists murdered over 1400 people and kidnapped 241. Israel expects South Africa to condemn Hamas, which is worse than ISIS, and to respect Israel's right to defend itself against an attack by a horrific terrorist organization that has engraved on its flag a call for the destruction of the State of Israel," Haiat added.

Haiat also condemned recent remarks by the Jordanian prime minister that "all options" are open to respond to Israel's bombardment of Hamas in Gaza.

"Israel is fighting a murderous terrorist organization that poses a danger to the entire region. Israel's relations with Jordan are of strategic importance to both countries and we regret the inflammatory statements from Jordan's leadership. Israel's objective is to eliminate Hamas' terrorist infrastructure and Israel has no intention of harming the civilian population or deporting it. Hamas is responsible for the harm caused to innocent people and for the situation in Gaza today," he said.