Officers from the Jerusalem District Police and Border Police, in a special operation overnight in the Shuafat neighborhood in Jerusalem and Anata on the outskirts of the city, arrested 23 suspects for their alleged involvement in violent riots and attempts to harm security personnel.

Some of the suspects were arrested for allegedly publishing incitement to violence and terror and supporting Hamas, and one was arrested for allegedly funding the riots.

During the wave of arrests, the forces uncovered many weapons, a bulletproof vest, ammunition, and a large sum of money.

The officers also foiled an attempted ramming attack against them. During the operation in Anata, a vehicle quickly approached and did not heed to calls for it to stop. The officers, who felt threatened, opened fire and arrested the suspect. No one was hurt.

Commander of the Jerusalem District's Kedem Precinct Assistant Commissioner Sami Marciano, who led the operation, summed it up and stated: "This was a widespread, significant, and important operation, as part of the major effort to arrest, investigate, and deal with all violent rioters and criminals. Last night's concentrated effort was done after preparation and the mapping out of targets in the realm of riots and incitement to terror.

The many officers who participated in the activity are our strength in the fight against those criminals. The message to all those who try to harm us or civilians is that it doesn't and won't pay, we will get to them day and night, wherever they may be and wherever they may hide - we will expose them, we will arrest them, and we will bring them to justice."