security forces on Lebanese border
security forces on Lebanese borderAyal Margolin/Flash90

An anti-tank missile fired by terrorists in Lebanon struck a vehicle in Kibbutz Yiftah in northern Israel this afternoon (Sunday).

At least one person was injured in the attack.

The IDF responded to the anti-tank missile attack with artillery fire.

Earlier, a UAV was identified flying from deep inside Lebanon toward Israel. The UAV was tracked by detection and control systems and was successfully intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array over Lebanon.

In addition, earlier today, several launches from Lebanon to Avivim in northern Israel and a fire toward the area of Malkia in northern Israel were identified.

The IDF responded with artillery fire toward the sources of the fire.

The Hezbollah terrorist organization announced that two of its operatives have been killed in Israeli retaliatory strikes, bringing the number of Hezbollah terrorists killed since the start of the war with Hamas to 60.