Scene of the shooting
Scene of the shootingSamaria

Over Shabbat, terrorists fired at the settlement of Rehelim in Samaria, and several bullets penetrated three houses. Twenty-six shell casings were found in the area.

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan demanded increased security forces in the area.

"The residents of Samaria stand fully behind the government and behind the IDF," he said. "I am part of the people of Israel and part of its war. We look forward to a complete turning of the tide in Judea and Samaria. The Nazi terrorists in Gaza are just like the Nazi terrorists in the Judea and Samaria, they must be exterminated by force, all the security checkpoints must be closed, every house from which they are being shot must be taken down."

"The State of Israel and the IDF must take off their gloves and treat the Nazi terrorists in Samaria as they treat the Nazi terrorists in Gaza - before it is too late. After such a rain of gunfire, one should settle in the nearest house, set up a military position with the Israeli flag, strengthen security and send a message that we are not broken. What was will no longer be."

Eliyahu, a resident of Rehelim, said, "Around 9:30p.m. after Shabbat dinner, I fell asleep on the sofa, the rest of the household were sitting and talking with our six children - the eldest is 11 and the youngest is two - suddenly shooting started. I told everyone to lie down on the floor."

"One bullet went through the display case above my 6 year old son's head. Since I have been drafted into the army, I immediately sent a report to the army, and troops arrived on the scene. We feel angry, and there is a feeling of insecurity inside the house. This is a situation that must not continue."

Yael, a resident of the settlement, added, "It is painfully shocking and disappointing that the next morning nothing happened in the village from which they tried to murder us in our home, on Shabbat evening, while they continue their lives in peace. It cannot be that there will not be a price. We expect a decisive and clear answer from the IDF. The enemy should understand that such a thing will not happen."

The town chairman, Yitzhak Horowitz, added that "26 bullets were fired in the direction of the settlement. It hit four houses and the windows of three houses were shattered. Only by a miracle a child who was there inside the house was not hurt, it went right over his head. We have been warning the army for a month, they keep shooting from the wedding hall in the village, and in response they only tell us that there are no weapons there."

"We are tired of our lives being disregarded. We demand that the army start operating inside the village of Qabalan, with the intention of [placing] a permanent position there. We are just a few meters away from them. This is the demand - that they operate within Qabalan, establish a base inside one of the houses at the junction, and restore the sense of security to the residents."